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About The Foot and Ankle Institute of Georgia, LLC


The mission of The Foot and Ankle Institute of Georgia is to educate, treat and rehabilitate you to a healthier lifestyle.  Your foot, ankle, or leg condition is the emphasis of treatment, however, our specialty is framed by your overall health needs.  


Our philosophy of care is driven by the belief that quality patient care begins with listening.


We will then collaborate as necessary with local and regional healthcare providers to provide a comprehensive plan toward all of your healthcare needs.

Want an example? Read about our Amputation Prevention Program below.

Amputation Prevention Program

Limb amputations are an unfortunate dilemma for both patients and physicians.  Limb salvage is a complicated consideration requiring careful attention to both short and long term implications.  Patients suffering from peripheral vascular disease, diabetes or trauma to the lower leg are faced with difficult choices. 


The Foot and Ankle Institute of Georgia is dedicated to limb loss prevention.  Losing a leg should always be a last resort.  The Institute's commitment is comprehensive, holistic, and incorporates a network of equally committed local and regional partnerships. 


Current partners include the local Conyers medical community and the Emory Hillandale and Emory Decatur Hospitals.

Amputation Prevention
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